Vaccinations for Balearic Residents will commence from next week for those over 80 years of age

Vaccinations for Balearic Residents will commence from next week for those over 80 years of age.

In order for anyone to receive this Covid vaccination it is imperative that you have Spanish Seguridad Social National Health Insurance, in other words the Tarjeta Sanitaria and are registered at your local PAC or Centro de Salud or Unidad Salud Básica, health Centre. These centres where you are registered will contact you by phone to advise you when to go to the centre for your vaccination.

Should you have a disabled elderly or chronically ill person, living at home contact your local Spanish National Health GP and inform them that you wish to be put on the list for a vaccination at home speak to your centre.

For those of you without Seguridad Social and who wish to receive the COVID vaccination then this is what you need to do.

  1. Make an appointment with your nearest PAC Health Centre with the Administrativo.
  2. Take along with you your passport when you have the appointment, your green Residencia or TIE card, your certificate de empadronamiento with the local town hall.

You will then be temporally registered with the Spanish National Health – Seguridad Social , only for the vaccination and for anything deriving from the COVID virus and nothing else. After this situation has passed your name and details will be erased. It is necessary you make this appointment to get on the register in order for them to call you in for the vaccination when it is your time.
Of course this is not available for tourists who come on holiday but only for Residents with Residencias.

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