Flu (Gripe) Campaign end on Friday December 17th
Book your appointment for your jab at your local health centre by ringing 971 211 999.

COVID BOOSTER Vaccine JABS for over 60’s are available for the following people who have had the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine 6 months ago. For those who have had AstraZeneca 3 months ago. For those who have had the Johnson & Johnson of any age. Those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine must ring 971 211 999 and make an appointment for your booster jabs. If you are under 60 make your appointment on website https://citavacunacovid.ibsalut.es This website has the option of English language and choice of island.

This information has been provided by the Covid information Centre of Ib Salut of GOIB.

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