AGE CONCERN MALLORCA recognised as one of the entities helping during the Covid 19 crisis

We are pleased to say that the Govern Balear has recognized AGE CONCERN MALLORCA as one of the entities helping during the Covid 19 crisis. This means that our volunteers have authorization from the Govern Balear to travel where necessary to aid English speaking members of the community.

How can we help?

We have volunteers willing to drop off shopping and necessary items for those unable to do it themselves.

We have volunteers willing to help with doctor’s appointments, how to access the different help the government is offering, etc.

For those who want something a bit less formal, we have volunteers willing to just call and have a chat with people who are isolated on their own.

In exceptional cases we can arrange for patients who need transport to hospital/doctors’ appointments.

We can signpost you to various kinds of therapists who can provide online help to people suffering because of the confinement.

We would like to emphasize that during this crisis, we are still helping all English-speaking residents on the island, the services mentioned above are open all who need our help. While we will focus on non-Spanish speakers, of course if any Spanish residents need our help we will obviously be there for them too. This is a time to work together and pull resources.

We would be grateful if you could let your friends/members know that we are here for them, we have a list of willing volunteers and every day receiving emails from people eager to help out, so please, whatever they need, all they need to do is call.

Our contacts details are:
(+34) 678 35 20 40

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