COVID RULES FROM December 24 – Mallorca

Firstly Happy Christmas to all.

The following measures are in effect from December 24th, 2021.

It is mandatory to wear facemasks in the street and any open spaces, as wearing them indoors. If you are carrying out sporting activities, then you are exempt.

The TSJIB Tribunal Superior de Justicia de les Illes Balears has ruled that ALL bares, cafeterias restaurants, discos, gymnasiums, cinemas, circos, theatres, hostels/hotels, swimming-pools, etc no matter what size or capacity are obliged to request a COVID PASSPORT on entry or once inside and staff are permitted to ask for an identification document as well.

The Government recommends maximum safety measures be taken over the Christmas period with limited social contacts, reduced to stable groups and asks those who are not vaccinated or with symptoms of colds or similar to COVID to refrain from attending such gatherings. “Citizens are responsible and know what to do” said the spokesman of the Balearic Government Iago Negueruela. (Source Ultima Hora).

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